Reduce Glare on Your Next Journey

If you want to reduce the glare from the sun while driving during the day, then consider getting your windows tinted. Jacky Jones Automotive Group can advise you on the tint so that it's of a legal percentage for your state. Most of the rays from the sun will be blocked by the tint, which will help in reducing glare.

Try not to drive when the sun is at its point, which is usually in the middle of the day. The sun can reflect off of metallic objects and other cars, creating a glare that is often blinding at times. You should also try to avoid driving when the sun is first coming up or when it's going down, as the rays are often pointed right at your windshield or through your windows.

Keep a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you when you're driving. You'll be able to have plenty of time to stop in an emergency if needed while driving.



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