Discover the Ford EcoSport and its Innovative Amenities

Has the Ford EcoSport caught your attention? This is a sought after compact crossover that is loaded with features and amenities. If you’re interested in the EcoSport, you can check out a couple of its amenities below.

You can download FordPass Connect on the App Store or Google Play to enjoy a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that's powered by AT&T. With FordPass Connect, up to 10 mobile devices can connect to the hotspot simultaneously, and it enables you and your passengers to make and receive calls when the hotspot is in use. The powerful hotspot can maintain a solid connection from up to 50 ft outside of the EcoSport.

The cabin is filled with amenities that enhance your drive, which includes two USB charging ports, a 12-volt power outlet in the console, a 12-volt outlet in the back, and an optional 110-volt outlet. You also get eight cupholders for additional convenience, and the driver's seat is positioned high to give you an excellent view of the road.



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