Drive on Dusty and Muddy Trails Confidently in a Ford Ranger

Off-road trails have hazards that can challenge an average truck's engine, transmission, and tires. The Ranger conquers the toughest environmental hazards with ease using its highly efficient electronic-locking rear differential hardware.

If you drive a typical pickup truck in an off-road environment, the weather could impact your journey. For example, if rain soaks a dusty trail, mud will generate on the ground, and the thick, soggy terrain may challenge the automobile's performance. Thanks to the Ranger's electronic-locking rear differential setup, it's built for these situations. While it's activated, the rear axle is locked in order to boost wheel traction. This means that you can easily enhance the Ranger's precision and handling on off-road trails following a rainstorm by activating this convenient Ford feature.

Ford Ranger trucks also perform well on traditional roads. If you want to operate a Ranger in these settings, you can arrange a test drive at Jacky Jones Automotive.



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