Safety and Peace of Mind Come With the Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica has been designed for busy drivers. In addition to being spacious and filled with various compartments for convenience, the minivan is built with advanced safety features. If you're looking for a new vehicle, know that the Pacifica will keep you safe as you travel around town.

At Jacky Jones Automotive Group, we're pleased to show off what this minivan can do. Rear Park Assist comes standard, and advanced park-assist technology can be included if you'd like. At the basic level, you'll have guidance when you're in reverse. Warnings will be sounded if you get to close to another object. At the more advanced level, you could use a 360-degree camera view to gain greater perspective on how you're maneuvering.

When you're on a long stretch of road, use the available Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go. This system can maintain proper distancing whether traffic is smooth or a bit more erratic.



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