Check Out the All-New Chevrolet Tahoe's Tech Features

You get a better everything with the all-new Chevrolet Tahoe. The exterior has a bold style and rugged shell. The interior is upgraded for better comfort. The highly responsive V8 engine gets better fuel efficiency. When you visit Jacky Jones Automotive Group, you will discover all of the features for yourself.

Today we are going to focus on the tech features. First, let's cover safety. There is a front pedestrian braking system that will automatically apply while alerting the driver to possible anomalies in the road. There is also a lane departure warning system that alerts you to drifting.

4G LTE Wi-Fi internet is available with strong connectivity. Everyone can enjoy the luxury of wireless internet service and hands-free Bluetooth calling and streaming.

Inside the infotainment system is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for iOS and Google mobile users. A premium navigation will show your favorite food spots, available gas stations, and areas to visit as you approach them.



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