Discover the Many Benefits of Chrysler’s Mopar® Vehicle Protection Program

If you drive a Chrysler, you can count on the Mopar® Vehicle Protection plan to provide a buffer between you and many of the common hazards that today’s vehicle owners face. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of this plan, and feel free to consult with the staff of Jacky Jones Automotive Group for additional details and pricing information.

You won’t have to worry about covering the costs associated with an interrupted trip or paying for a tow truck in the event of an unexpected breakdown because the Mopar® Vehicle Protection plan takes care of all that for you. You’re covered when it comes to rental cars and roadside assistance services as well.

Mopar® Vehicle Protection also enhances the extended warranty that came with your vehicle. The various service plans offered under the Mopar® Vehicle Protection program can cover your vehicle’s internal and exterior parts for up to 12 years or 160,000 miles.



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