What is the Purpose of Your Car's Differential?

Modern vehicles are incredibly complex. Unless you work in the automotive service industry or have a history of tinkering with your motor, you may not know much about your car or truck and how it works. If you’re like most drivers, you may be entirely unaware of what your vehicle’s differential is or what it does. Nonetheless, your car wouldn’t be the same without this all-important component, which makes it something all drivers need to know about.

All modern vehicles feature some type of differential, which is located in between the drive wheels. This differential is essential as it transmits power from the engine to wheels and allows them to turn at different speeds. Without the differential, your vehicle would be incredibly difficult to turn due to the difference in distance traveled by the inside and outside wheels.

Unfortunately, you won’t make it very far from home if your differential fails. This makes it essential that you follow your manufacturer's recommendations and have your differential oil changed every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

If it has been some time since you’ve had your differential serviced or you have noticed any difficulties when turning, our professional service staff at the Jacky Jones Automotive Group locations will be happy to assist to ensure your vehicle remains in perfect working order.

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