Avoid Vacation Hassle With a Prepared Checklist

Spring and summer travel can be a traumatic experience for people that aren't prepared. Kids may scream from the back seat, you can encounter long stretches with no bathroom in sight, and the looming threat of car trouble always seems inevitable. At Jacky Jones Automotive Group, we want to help you avoid these road trip headaches. The best way to ensure successful travels is to plan ahead. Here are some tips that ensure stress-free travels for you and yours.

  • Plan Your Stops - Choosing a route in advance has many benefits. It also allows for special stops at landmarks and amusements.
  • Take Breaks - Rest stops are your friend. Make sure to take regular breaks to provide relief for you and your family.
  • Bring Snacks - Most trips have a stretch or two that is devoid of stops. Plan ahead with a packed cooler and no one goes hungry.

If you're in need of a car checkup before you go, make sure to come to one of our convenient auto service destinations to get the all-clear! Safe travels from our family to yours.

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