Maintain the Longevity of Your Tires with Regular Rotations

Have you noticed any unusual noises or vibrations from your current set of tires? Have the treads on your front and rear tires worn down to different levels of depth? If the answer to either question is "yes," then you're likely in need of your latest tire rotation. Whether you're well-versed in your tire's needs or unfamiliar with the importance of a tire rotation, our staff at Jacky Jones Automotive are here to simplify this significant service need.

Our customers across Cleveland, GA and beyond often find themselves with uneven front to rear tread wear, which tends to be the earliest sign that your vehicle is in need of a tire rotation. By routinely switching the front and rear tires, you can easily maximize the mileage that you can drive with them before buying a set of replacements. Our mechanics recommend having a rotation completed with every oil change, which makes it easier to stay up-to-date with your vehicle's maintenance needs.

If you're on the hunt for a reliable destination for your next tire rotation, stop into one of our many showrooms and let our service team get to work!

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