The Benefits You Can Enjoy When Your Lease Ends

Leases are long-term vehicle rentals that offer late-model, often-expensive vehicles to lessees for a smaller monthly payment.

Although lessees typically can't modify their vehicles, sell them, or drive them for unlimited distances, many drivers appreciate the smaller monthly price tags that a leased car can provide.

Leasing comes with a unique palette of benefits, especially when leases end. Let's look at what you can do when a lease ends:

  • You can simply return the vehicle to the dealership when the lease term ends.
  • Many lessors will even offer you a lowered, discounted price to buy the vehicle you're about to return.
  • You can choose to lease a different vehicle to replace the one you're returning.
  • You could simply agree to sign again, extending the lease for however long you wish to.

To learn more about what you can do at the end of your lease, get in touch with the experts at Jacky Jones Automotive Group. Our Cleveland, GA experts can provide plenty of information on your options moving forward.

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