AWD & 4WD: Depends on You

Every driver has different needs. The difference between whether you'll need AWD or 4WD, depends on you, what kind of driver you are, and what kind of vehicle you own.

If you find yourself rarely leaving town, but are in a location where winters are harsh and you're often met with blizzards and black ice - all-wheel drive might be the system for you. AWD deploys a differential to the front, center, and rear of the car so all your wheels have equal power.

You might be the driver that is there to pull your friend out of a ditch with your truck, or drive down a trail where you might come across a boulder or two. If this is you - 4WD is for you.

So much more can be said about these power systems, and to get the full detail list of each, head over to Jacky Jones Automotive Group as soon as possible!

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